A Purpose in Christ

Good Thursday Dear Christians,

To start off on a morbid note, I am a bit fearful for the next generation. Of course I fear for them because of all the usual reasons: how fast the world is changing, the shape of the culture, the pressure on Christianity. But to be honest, none of those things are new. The world is always changing, culture is always shifting, and every age puts its own pressures on the Church.

What I fear the most for them is that they are missing one thing which is necessary for living a fruitful, faithful walk: purpose in Christ. Many don’t have any purpose at all and drift aimlessly from one hobby, one relationship, one job to the next. Others have a purpose-but it is certainly not in Christ.

So many young people are missing out on living richly in Christ because they don’t know what it means to give everything to gain Christ, to make Christ Lord of their family, their career, their computer, to willingly choose to give up time, energy, money, and all that this world calls good to know Christ more.

This is heart breaking, because to know Christ, to have him, to receive him, walk with him, be with him and love him is to have nothing less than life itself. There is no greater purpose than the person of Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Grace is an exception. I think the young people the Lord has brought to our church are exemplary. I am so impressed with how serious they are when it comes to the things of the Lord, how honest they are about their struggles, how faithful they are at church.

As a Church, we need to get behind them and encourage them. As a Church, we need to equip them with everything we can so they can live long and faithful lives in Christ.

Which is why I am so excited to tell you about a conference for young adults (18ish-25ish year olds): the Cross Conference. This Conference is oriented around giving Young Adults purpose in the person of Jesus. The Elders have been talking and praying for a few months now, and we want to try to send our Young Adults to this. We’ll be starting to organize this soon.

So, all I want to encourage you to do now is to pray. If you are a young adult, start praying about going. If you are a parent, start praying about sending your kids. If you are neither, start praying about helping out financially. But most importantly, start praying that God would use this Conference mightily to shake the gates of Hell.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt


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