We Hope Our Identity is Consistent With Our Name


Gospel-centered in our message and lives. The message of Jesus’ death and resurrection is not just the ABC’s of Christianity, but rather, the A to Z. We hope to encourage, counsel and challenge each other with the Gospel.


Word-driven in everything we do as a church. In our weekly gatherings, we aim to sing the Bible through contemporary songs and hymns, pray the Bible, preach the Bible through means of book-by-book exposition and see the Bible through the ordinances.


Corporately-oriented in our outlook on the Christian life. God does not intend Christians to walk alone, but rather, arm in arm with other believers, under the leadership of elders and being served by deacons, covenanted together to care for one another’s souls and bodies, and spreading the hope of the Gospel to our community and beyond, all for the purpose of glorifying our triune God.